great day for the baty-barr family


What a great Sunday!

it was a pretty great week, really, but today was really awesome. For the first time EVER, the baty-barr family all went running together. Sure we all took slightly different paths, but in the end, we all covered about 2.3 miles in about 31 minutes. Oh, and it was kinda hot out there ;)

After our run, several of our team completed their #ALSiceBucketChallenge commitments. Honestly, what a great way to cool off after a hot run and what a remarkable viral charity effort. Honestly the past 10 days has felt like a turning point for our family - and it was pretty darn good even before now.

I love that we approach life as water runs down hill. if something gets in our way, we simply flow around it. Sure sometimes we split up and take different paths, but we all end up together at the same place, eventually and wherever that place ends up being... when we are all together, it feels an awful lot like home!

Cannot wait for what is next!


bob baty-barr

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